Friday, February 19, 2016

Yogyakarta Trip - Borobudur

This place is the most visited and popular site in the whole of Indonesia
besides the resort of Bali. It took us so long to gather our plans to visit this
ancient site where the Buddha was believed to have made his last cultivation
in Tibetan Buddhism inside the ancient complex.

 1. We got a tour guide driver to drive us to visit 3 places in
one day - Borobudur, Mount Merapi Volcano & Prambanan.

 2. I was excited like a child.
This place is very unique and nice!

 3. The whole layout of the Borobudur was
like the Tibetan Holy Mandala.
It has 4 entrances to enter & exit.

4. This ancient complex has been rebuilt many times after being
abandoned and further damaged by the earthquakes & volcanic

 5. It has many layers of walking paths all the way up.
Oh boy, it was very sunny & hot that day. I was soaked in
my sweat and suffered from sun burns.

 6. This Buddhism complex was built too long ago and no one has records
on the historical date and persons who initiated. However, some other 
records believed that the Sakaymuni Buddha visited this place and built it.
It was interesting to note that Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles discovered
it under some thick undergrowth after being abandoned.

 7. Now listed under UNESCO as The World Heritage and 
it draws millions of visitors annually from all over the world.
It was so crowded on the 1st Day of CNY as we were not aware
that Indonesia also declared 2 days Public Holidays!

  8. Many visitors took less than 1 hour to cover the whole site but
we took almost 2.5 hours because my wifey followed the advice
from the bulletin board that we should walk 3 rounds in clockwise
for every level. She made it but I was half past six!

  9. It was very interesting to see all the stone carvings and statues
on every level.

10. Clear karma! Clear Karma!

 11. There were extensive damages caused by looters and fanatics
of the olden days.

 12. Can you spot me? I used my self timer camera phone.

 13. There are many beautiful stupas on this level.

14. Close of of the Stupa inside.

 15. A damaged Stupa which remains exposed till today.

 16. My wifey took great trouble to snap these photos with lesser
crowd. It was really packed like a supermarket having a sale.

 17. The highest peak! We arrived! Yay!

 18. Elsewhere, they stored all the ancient rubbles of stones & slabs
from the dismantled complex.

 19. On the way out, they cleverly lined over 1000 stalls
of souvenir shops to lure me to buy stuffs.
You cannot get out of their well barricaded paths
to reach the main entrance. Sounds like KLIA2.

20. They have mascots walking outside for free shots.
This Doraemon was looking for SK.



  1. You are always leaping into the air! Is that how you burn calories? And I see you planking in pic no. 5. When I was a child, my grandpa had a meeting in Indonesia (no, I did not get to follow) and he visited the Borobudur. I think we still have the photos somewhere.

    1. I would love to see old photos of your family. Please show and share!

      I will keep jumping until my knees tak boleh lagi. LOL

  2. You have perfected the art of leaping into the air d. Oh, were you planking in photo 5? I thought you were taking a rest by sleeping on the ancient stones. I had to look up what stupa means. Learn something new here today.

    1. Oh well, I am glad that I managed to share about Stupa. Just like how you have shared so many new places and words with us!

      Each time I had to jump like 5 to 10 times and selected the best for my blog. Phew!! Remember how my shoes tore itself during the cold jumps in Tokyo's Disney Sea. The soles were frozen hard and cracked from my jumps.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes it is beautiful. Many places across Asia have rich history and colourful culture.

  4. Hahahaha at the KLIA2 remark! And... that Doraemon is really inappropriate lah, at a place like Borobudur aiyo...

    1. Aiyo.. Forgive my mouth dei.
      Anay speaks without using his brains here. Wakakakak

  5. You should have done the jump shot as first, as you are very excited and then the weary body head down last to show us how you manage the entire trip by that gesture. I do like the shot where you were like playing hide and seek. I must copy that, ha,ha,ha. But first, I need to go to Borobudur where I will peek on the other side. Your wife is correct, walking around three times will most likely get you an answer for good karma. Besides, it gives you a reason to walk more for exercise. My fave pic is Number 14, it would be so cool to go to the other side, make a face, while the other person snap a pic on the other side. It would look creepy! I envy you for having the time of your life to go around, and around, and around.

    1. You are always smart man! I should have done like your story but I am no writer of soap dramas like you. Still learning.... Thanks for highlighting

      I think walking in circles had a significant blessings!

  6. Very nice place! Reminds me that I visited a place similar to this in Bangkok in 1996, but I forgot what is the place called, I was laughing away loudly at your last sentence, Doraemon looking for SK, muahaha

    1. You should look up the old photos of 1996 and share with the bloggers. It should be interesting. I could guess that you visited Wat Arun.

  7. Same as Mun, I also don't know what Stupa mean

    1. Good that you all know what is Stupa now. It is part of the Buddhism.

  8. Last time I go to such places I don't know how to appreciate, I guess if I go now, I can understand their beauty much better

    1. We all get wiser as we age like old ginseng roots.
      When I was a kid, I found ancient places a bit eerie but now I want to see more of them!! Crazy me!

  9. #1.. wow, 3 places in a day?? that's quite pack indeed, so not Anay style dei..

    #2.. OMG!!! Anay must have lost weight so much that he could jump so haaaaiiii.. love this shot!!

    #3.. the whole structure is so symmetrical.. there must be a story behind this design..

    #4.. yet it is still standing proudly there despite all damages..

    #5.. that's a good way to dry your sweaty clothes under the sun!! Anay is so CB smart~~ :D

    1. Anay is getting older and need to exercise more to keep young & fit like Thambee dei.
      I have to keep jumping as my icon otherwise people say I always copy Thambee's Usain Bolt running on the spot.

  10. #6.. Thambee must remember this Pradaksina.. Enter the temple from the east entrance and continue to circle it clockwise for three times..

    #7.. oooh, they also have 2 days holidays for CNY in Indonesia??!! travellers please bear this in mind~~

    #8.. the signboard say circle the temple 3 times clockwise, but it did not say every level.. maybe once for each level does the job already?? i supposed there are three main layers??

    #9.. definitely, all those sculptures are just amazing!!

    #10.. ANAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COVER YOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CB MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. OMG!!! Anay had his mouth glued shut and silenced inside the temples lah. No worries!

      The 3 times walking circles are meant for all the levels. This way can clear karma!

  11. #11.. the more important thing is that the authority tried all possible ways and to their best to preserve every single detail of the temple..

    #12.. KNNCCB!!! who would have gone to spot that dickhead??!!! muahahahahaha~~

    #13.. oh, beautiful stupa!! i guess a single stupa like this could have made the authority to spent months to restore..

    #14.. wow!!! impressive!! i never expect there is something inside that "bell" of the stupa!! i thought it's empty inside..

    #15.. but it still looks very beautiful..

    1. I have no idea why they didn;t repair and fix that Stupa by exposing it. Maybe they wanted to show the tourists the content inside.

      What dickhead??!!! %$#&@*!!!!! Phiak your CB mulut.

  12. #16.. i thot you have the apps in your phone that you can take multiple shots of yourself in a single photo?? with that apps i supposed you can take multiple shots of the same scene at a 1-minute interval, then the apps can help to erase all the background people and give you a nice cool shot of only the stupas

    #17.. yay!!! welcome to the peak!!!

    #18.. oooh!!! there are still thousands of stones and slabs laying there!!! is the restoration of the temple actually still going on??

    #19.. it is a tourists spots and somemore an UNESCO site, sure there will be souvenirs stalls and shops there!! people won't miss the opportunity to earn money~~ :p

    #20.. ooopsss!! that is Doraemon?? it's a faked one!! Doraemon's blue is not like that blue!! hahaha..

    1. I think all the ancient ruins and sites across the world are in need of funds to repair the sites. Then the earthquake would strike and the story start all over again.

      Of course this Doraemon was fake, thin and too tall. The Japanese should arrest and charge this impostor!

  13. Bookmarking this post for future reference. Would love to visit this site too. Thank you for sharing your experience. I can feel the fun!

    1. Many thanks Pepe for dropping by. Please come again yeah.

      You must visit all the places I have visited ok.

  14. Maybe you are tired after all the jumping pose that you fall asleep as in picure 5...

    1. Hey, who says I was tired? I was still strong lah. Only my faced was burnt by the scorching hot sun.

  15. I stayed there for one night to view the sunrise from the top.

    1. I remembered your trip there! Luckily I didn;t watch sunrise as it was cloudy for weeks and many tourists were disappointed after paying a bomb.

  16. I've yet to visit this place. Telling myself I gotta go there at least once. Awesome shots! Happy weekend, Tan!

    1. You are too used to visiting beautiful Europe where you could wear your finest. This place is so hot lah.

  17. Yes , I heard about borubudor and I will visit this place someday! How was the ancient temples? I heard it was damaged by visitors or maybe I hear wrong facts ? I guess Buddhism and Hindu came to Indonesia first before Islam and these are the historical remains of the facts.

    1. Hey, you heard the correct facts about this place. Good to visit when you only have 2-3 days to spare and it is low budget.

  18. Yeah , some of the ancient temples and structures are damaged and not well maintained . I guess the authorities should do something to repair it , though it no longer authentic after repair work but at least, preserve it.

    Wow, you are so excited to be there and I guess I love it too! I never been there but will start traveling and seeing the world from now onwards !

    1. You earn so much Sing Dollars, better use them and travel when you are still young and fit. When your legs wobble, you cannot go anywhere la.

  19. Nice place indeed. TM you are so cute playing hide and seek. Brobodur is a must visit place right?

    1. You will like it there when you have 2-3 days to spare. The hotel is very cheap and lovely to relax & play golf!!!

  20. You know what attracted me the most? Haha, malu wana say also coz you spent so much time composing this post, and I only like pic # 19! hahaha.. Souvenirs and goodies! Girls ma, sure like all those la.. But then, Borobudur is a must-visit place, history also got teach - Candi Borobudur..

    1. It is okay that you only like Pix 19. I cannot expect everyone to vote my photos all are beautiful but I will keep trying lah. LOL

      So you are a shopper! I will go bankrupt if I keep shopping overseas again like last time.

      When your kids are bigger, leave them with your mummy while you go for holidays with your hubby for a well deserved break.

  21. these are really great ancient architecture.. every time I see this ind of structure it always reminds me of those in Angkor Wat... there might be a strong connection between the history of Indonesia and Cambodia

  22. It is also nice to see how these structures were kept intact.. their government must be doing great preserving these treasure!

  23. What happen to your sarong ??(thought its mandatory to wear one when entering? We all circled around the top level too....Its a beautiful place indeed.

  24. Great knowing about this place and the Stupas enclosing Buddha seems interesting. I think there are many small stupas… impressive architecture in layers!

  25. Just received your postcard today, Anay

    Wakkakaka darn cheeky la you in the photo here. finally get to visit one of the places in your list

    wei why jump all butt facing camera one...face us la.... LOL

  26. Letchumy is getting so slim and pretty now, it is the effort of . Thank you very much for thinking of me during your trip to Borobudur.

  27. Those places are indeed so gorgeous..


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