Monday, February 22, 2016

Yogyakarta Trip - Prambanam Hindu Temple

We visited the ancient Buddhism complex of Borobudur in the morning.
That evening, we visited the Prambanam which is an ancient 
Hindusim Temple after a bumpy ride up the 
Mount Merapi Volcano.

If you have visited Angkor Wat, you might find Prambanam a bit small
but its profound existence in Indonesia since the 9th century is indeed
a great eye opener about their religious cultivation and way of life
since the ancient times.

 1. Candi Prambanam is an ancient Hindu complex of temples
located in Central Java, some 17km Northeast of Yogyakarta.

2. It was opened in 856AD during the 9th Century.
The earthquakes had destroyed them several times
but they were partially rebuilt again, as seen above.

 3. Hide and Seek time!

 4. I only climbed and walked a lot when I went overseas.
The gym preparations often geared my leg muscles to
get ready for all the coming trips otherwise I would
be dead meat.

5. AHOY! Here I took a good look at the whole area.

 6. I was often amazed how the folks built their temples by carving
the granite rocks and carried them up without machinery!
They were very strong and determined with good willpower
to build anything.

 7. Their ancient carvings on granite rocks are impressive and
illustrates the beautiful stories of history.

8. My wifey always challenged me to jump and climb mountains
across China. Being kiasu, I had to show my own competence!

 9. Lord Ganesha is the Deity with elephant head, is the most loved
and well recognized Hindu God of Success outside India.

 10. The statue of the Hinduism Mother Goddess Durga.

 11. My Jubilant Jump after my mission accomplished to visit another
world's famous temple of UNESCO's World Heritage List.

 12. The tallest temple here stands at 47 metres in height.

 13. Come and visit this place when you are in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

I thank my wifey for all the lovely photographs
for my blog sharing.



  1. Your travel post cannot be complete without the jump shots. I salute your objective of going to many heritage listed places. And being a kiasu, you can always challenge yourself.

    It is indeed a wonder and a wander how those structures were made. The men of yesteryears were simply self-learned architects and engineers. I hope that many generations of children will still the beauty the world unfolds.

  2. Both your jump and your wifey can fight lor... Can jump so high leh.

  3. Sorry ya, Photo No 2: First thought - look like someone is wearing a red turban. Too far away. Wait I see it clearly.. is a red cap that you are wearing.

  4. Hide and seek again... must have some music in order to find you. What about Super Mario song???

  5. Good afternoon TM, the weather in SG is sooooo hot...

  6. Yes, i spotted you in the hide and seek...

  7. Wah, your wifey can also leap very high! Two of you make a good pair.

  8. There's a dance performance at Prambanan in the evening

  9. Oh another candi? I only know candi Borobudur.. Yup you mentioned before your wifey likes climbing & hiking mountains, and you wana teman her altho you takut la, haha..Must 'sei ding' and pretend to be tough la kan..

  10. Hahaha! You guys are so cute! Looks like I need a good pair of sporting shoes when visiting this holy site :D

  11. Wow, looks good to me. Loving the photos you shared! ^_^

  12. Good thing Anay work out in the gym.

    Prepare for all those walking, climbing and hiking. :P

  13. Hi! Very interesting post! I feel weight of the history. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hi! Very interesting post! I feel weight of the history. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Wahhh...both of you are very compatible! Good jumpers too! I like your wife's post.. with one hand up and one down... very skilled pose, I surely cannot do that now or in the future.. hahahaa...

  16. #1.. beautiful!! i wonder if this is somehow related to Angkor Wat??

    #2.. the rebuilt and the destroyed side by side!! what an impressive sight..

    #3.. spotted!! we would not have spotted you if you were not wearing that red cap..

    #4.. i thought Anay only exercises his fingers and CB mouth in the gym!!!

    #5.. OMG!!! what a sexy Amitabh Bachchan pose that was!! Letchumy would cry buckets that she has not married the wrong man!!

    #6.. this still stays a mystery for Angkor Wat, the Pyramids, the Stonehenge etc massive structures of the past..

    #7.. very detailed and elaborated carvings that requires very skilful craftsman!!

    #8.. the Superwoman is about to fly~~

    #9.. yes!! we all have heard of the Lord Ganesha..

    #10.. the Hinduism Mother is Goddess Durga!! thanks for sharing this information..

    #11.. Anay could jump so haaaaiiiiii!!!! impressive and jaw-dropped!!!

    #12.. how did the ancient people built these "towers" without the modern technology??!! unbelievable.. or perhaps the ancient people were actually way smarter than all of us now..

    #13.. i guess this is sure one of the must-visit and will-visit place in Jogjakarta huh??

  17. Ah this one is more fascinating than the Borobudur.. the details are so amazing and I wonder how ancient people managed to come up with such intricate carvings
    I love all your shots too!

  18. Now your wife's turn to leap into the air

  19. Same as you, I love to visit temples and study the different religions, I am quite open minded and don't mind learning more about other religions

    I love all the photos you shared here

    Thanks for sharing

  20. That red spot among the grey surely gave you away. I was not able to climb all the way unlike you! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Marvelous temple complex and almost looks alike Angkor Wat!! Really amazing to see and know temples of grandeur outside India. Superb shots

  22. Good thing that you were wearing a red cap or else it would be difficult to spot you in the hide and seek. Both you and your wife should jump together and snap a photo using tripod to see who jumped higher. I am surprised that tourists are allowed to climb all over the heritage site, unlike Stonehenge where tourists are not even allowed close up, only see from far away.

  23. Yes, I agreed with you that it is a wonder that these ancient temples can stand until now, though there are earthquakes as well as human intervention which could have destroy parts of it but it still stands! It's really a marvel and glad the site is recognise as an UNESCO heritage site.
    I guess the temples are no longer being worship by the hindus right? Anyway, these are evidence that Hindu arrived to this place of the world before other religions.

  24. Aiyo ... I always see you jump whenever you visited a new place. Ok la, but this place is a bit delicate and hopefully your jump don't shattered any buildings hor? Next time, do a SK signature pose at these places better la... hahaha..

    Your wife took beautiful pics!!

  25. Look at your photos remind me a little bit of my Jogja trip, haha!

  26. Thanks for sharing those amazing photos! This place is so beautiful! I first get to know this place through the amazing race, hehe~~

  27. Beautiful photos, your wife certainly took nice photos for you. Love the jumping post! good to walk more. Good for the heart.

  28. 1. Never been there before leh

    2.earthquake. wonder. the top like very short pakai topi merah.,,senang spot la

    4.aiyo...looks very steep feet layu liao

    5. ahoy there...where are you?? all dark dark

    6. Ya wor.... or maybe human back then are stronger than us

    7. and so lifelike too

    8. Up up and away!

    9. yup...and most look up to

    10. Durga....can be the destroyer

    11. bravo there anay!

    12. still wondering how the heck they built that without crane and all.

    13. visit can...but dont think i will climb up. see from bottom can liao la

    Lovely ending photo

  29. Anay, can you share the tips with me? How to take such a good jumping pose? I can you Letchumy and you both taking very good jumping pose photos.

  30. Dear TM, thank you for remembering me while you and your mrs holidaying. Thank you for the postcard.

  31. Thank you for the postcard, I have receive it...

  32. wow, Indonesia. Haven't been there yet! You had an interesting trip!


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